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Hair Regrowth Solutions

Hair regrowth is usually referred to as an awkward stage. Because it takes a long time for hair to grow back, where hair growth normally averages about one-half inch a month only, the wait can sometimes be very frustrating. Plus, styling or grooming growing hair becomes a limited and daunting task.

For those in this predicament, you have to put in mind that this is a process that requires a little patience before you can actually achieve the hair style you would like to have. Frequent visits to a salon or hair expert may prove beneficial for you and not only that, there are fortunately many things you can do to make the transition easier.

Growing hair for bald spots
Hair re-growth seems to be often attributed to balding men. But women also suffer the same problem. For this kind of condition, many hair re-growth treatments are available and sold in the market. Popular hair regrowth products contain minoxidil, which works to reverse male or female pattern baldness. The drug was originally meant to treat high blood pressure back in the '70s. But its effect was found to have helped with hair re-growth process. Minoxidil can be administered by applying the medicine, in a form of a topical lotion, onto the the bald spot. Another hair re-growth product which is gaining in popularity is Propecia. It is a clinically proven hair re-growth treatment that effectively cures hair loss and re-growth by more than 60%.

Growing hair for added length
There are some people who still wish to see their hair growing much thicker and longer than normal. In this case, an abundance of hair growth products that help stimulate re-growth, are also available. These products come in a form of hair regrowth shampoo or vitamins and can be bought at drugstores or supermarkets and even beauty bars. They contain herbal ingredients, special vitamins and minerals that aid in making the hair longer, faster.

Growing hair after a terrible hair cut
Many of us have experienced getting a bad haircut. What's worse than this is that the hair could be in a very poor state as well. The solution? Have another haircut. This way, you can style and position your hair for its proper re-growth and you eliminate the frustration of growing out a terrible hair style. Go to a better stylist and thoroughly discuss with him or her on what hair growth process you can take to eliminate the problem. Then you can also use hair re-growth shampoo or take hair re-growth vitamins while you're poising your hair to grow properly.

Growing hair after getting sick
Losing your hair after a medical treatment can be a wrecking experience. But for some patients, a noticeable strand of hair may start to grow back in a different texture. At this point, there is little you can do except allow the hair to thicken and fill your scalp before you proceed with the hair re-growth process. Similar to a bad hair cut, hair re-growth is achieved a lot better if the patients visit the salon often and do consultations with a professional.

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