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Hair Loss Treatment Reviews

Hair loss among men is a concern that is familiar even to those living many years ago. In the ancient times, men with thick luscious hair were regarded with virility and stability that the loss of it represented a man's powerlessness. Many of the ancient leaders then, took great measures to prevent hair loss by creating their own brand of hair loss treatments.

Even while many men don't admit it, hair loss is something they secretly wish do not happen to them. The loss of hair not only makes one feel less presentable; it is also identified with aging or growing old. Because it could be hereditary, there is no known cure for hair loss. There are, however, many hair loss products and hair loss treatments one can consider, to at least slow down the process.

Before anyone else tries the medical or surgical route for hair loss treatment, a couple of lifestyle and grooming changes may be in order. Since hair loss could be inevitable, to try and alter someone's lifestyle and preference might help a person change his outlook on hair loss. Below are some suggestions:

- Focus on other aspects of your look. There are plenty of grooming products available in the market today. These products, and even some special treatments, are not just for women’s use, as some target the male population. Using these products to emphasize, for instance, the eyes or the lips, will draw attention away from the thinning hair. Consult an expert before you try the products

- Change your hairstyle to make the most of what you have. You could opt for a shorter hair or that shaved and clean-cut look. People cannot tell the difference if you are balding or just going with the trend.

- Change the way you dress. Learn to dress sharply. It gives the impression of confidence and makes your appearance a lot more pleasing. Experiment with wearing a hat and try to incorporate that with your whole look.

- Consider wearing a hairpiece and get one that looks close to how your hair naturally looks. Hair pieces might be expensive, but the more pricey ones are of good quality,

When all of these seem not enough, then consider the following hair loss treatments: medical or surgical.

- Finasteride is an inhibitor that blocks and prevents hormones from turning into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. DHT causes hairloss. Finasteride is an ingredient found in two popular hair loss products today: Proscar and Propecia. These are drugs meant to treat prostate problems but studies have proven that its effect helps reverse hair loss. It takes a while for the drug to work, and results should be seen after three months or so.

- Minoxidil is a topical applied to the bald spot everyday. It is an ingredient originally meant to cure high blood pressure but was found to have been effective at reducing hair loss to about 25%. Minoxidil is found in Rogaine and other topical hair loss products.

- Hair transplants is a cosmetic surgery procedure. Small plugs of hair are transferred from the back to the bald spots and the procedure has to take a couple of weeks for the results to show.

- Scalp reduction is another surgical procedure. It is done by removing the loose scalp skin out and pulling hair from the sides to the bald spot. The procedure is ideal for men with bald spots near the forehead.

- Laser therapy is a year long program that involves a series of therapy using laser. It is believed to have therapeutic effects, as the laser is able to breakdown DHT, thus preventing hair loss. However this is a fairly new procedure and its long-term effects are still being researched to this day.

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