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All About Hair Loss

Hair loss can bother anyone regardless of sex, age or race. Hair loss takes place as part of hair growth cycle. The hair loss phase happens when the resting hair on your scalp start to fall out and new hair starts to grow. As medically explained, about 10 percent of the hair on your scalp at any time undergo a resting phase as prelude to falling out and growing phase. Your hair growth rate is around 1 cm per month for each hair during the growing phase, which occurs for 2 to 6 year period.

Hair loss is normal. What is abnormal is the case of excessive hair loss. One reason for excessive hair loss is hormone problem like hormone imbalance because of over active or under active thyroid gland. Abnormal hair loss can also be attributed to medicines you take in particularly those used for gout, chemotherapeutic treatment, family planning (birth control) and antidepressants. Moreover, excessive hair loss can be traced from certain infections like fungal infections of the scalp common in children. Abnormal hair loss can also be a sign of lingering disease like diabetes requiring immediate medical attention.

Improper care of your hair can cause unnecessary hair loss. Your tight hair rollers, cornrows, or pigtails can be culprits. Though it could be part of your hair care regimen, hot oil hair treatment may cause inflammation of the hair follicle leading to hair loss. In particular, the chemicals used for such treatment may be hazardous to your hair.

Hair loss treatments are available. Indeed, many hair loss treatment products are available in the market. The huge market as millions of people suffer hair loss and excessive hair loss everyday makes hair loss treatment a profitable business. Hair loss is equated with beauty thus men and women are willing to spend for hairloss treatment in order to look good. In this modern society, hair loss stirs a negative connotation prompting everyone to try possible potential hair loss products. As access to the Internet is readily available to everyone, more hair loss information and hair loss treatment can be reviewed to the extent that even home based hair loss treatment is no longer unusual.

There is no substitute for consulting your doctor and get the right advise and the right hair loss information for your hair loss treatment. Testimonials of individuals with success in their hair loss treatment using hair loss treatment products should not be enough guides for you to plunge and try the same hair loss treatment products. Your doctor will give you a sound advice as your are subjected to a systematic hair loss treatment process. This includes inquiries about your health situation, the medicines you take in, and the way you take care of your hair. For women, your doctor may ask you about pregnancies, menstrual cycle and menopause. For men, you may be required to answer queries related to baldness in the family as hair loss in men can be hereditary in nature. It could be a cumbersome process but it can save you a fortune instead of loosely trying hair loss treatment products in the market without taking account the root cause of your hair loss problem.


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