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                      Skin Care is a Man's World Too

Who told you that grooming is all for women? Beauty is only skin deep but it is a big thing. Men want to look gorgeous too.

In this modern world where women advocate gender equality, men visibly continue to invade women's turf. It is no longer an unusual scene to see men in beauty counters, the spa, and the nail saloon. They are in women's turf as part of their beauty and skin care regimen. According to the International Spa Association, men are the fastest growing market of the spa industry. More sales of male good grooming products jumped 57 percent between 1997 and 2004 as reported by Euromonitor International, a market research film.

It is the time of metrosexual. Men now exude the aura of redefining beauty and sexuality. And everything starts with skin care! The growing market of skin care and skin line for men manifests the conscious effort of men for good grooming. It is no longer just a beauty counter for women. There is now a partition for exclusive skin care counter for men.

Men's growing awareness to skin care is brought about by society's preference to beauty and good grooming. Whatever you do and wherever you go, good looking men with good-looking skin always gets the attention.

In work places, good appearance exhibits a youthful vibrancy.

Women tend to be more conscious with their skin. For one they have a delicate skin requiring extra attention. Medical findings revealed that women’s skin tend to age faster than that of men. This could be partially explained by the physical attribute of men's skin, which is much thicker than the skin attribute of women. Despite this distinction, a man's skin still needs just as much attention and care as a woman's. The growing skin care concern of men is justifiable.

Skin care is always equated with skincare products. Skin care for men now abounds the market. For every skin care product developed for women, there is always a corresponding skin care product for men.

Men's skin products now proliferate the market. Advertisements on these skin care products eat up a considerable share in radio, television, billboards and magazine advertisements. Moisturizing and toning products are everywhere. Men need these products to protect their skin from irritation and stress as a result

of shaving. Toning products close the skin pores, preventing loss of moisture and invasion of dirt and bacteria while moisturizing products repair and give back to the skin what shaving takes out. Other skin care products

for men include cleansing and shaving.

One thing sure, there will be more skin care products to be introduced in the market and there will be more men willing to spend and try these products. We are coming to the age when we see men carrying skin care kits and products in their clutch bags and attaché cases. After all while beauty is skin deep, it can be lasting given the proper care like the use of appropriate skin care products.

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