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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has gained wide attention today. Sugar-free, low-calorie, low sodium food products abound in groceries and supermarkets. More and more individuals have started watching the food they eat. The consciousness towards non-healthy food has been raised, and people are starting to realize that the food they eat would determine their productivity in their later life.

But does one really have to be cautious of what food to put in their body system? Does one really have to deprive oneís self of the goodness of life that is succulent and mouthwatering and delicious food? What is the key to attaining a healthy and fit body without sacrificing oneís enjoyment of the food he eats?

The answer lies in the key word Ė Balance. Healthy eating is balanced eating. You donít have to deprive yourself of that slice of cake or a piece of that chocolate bar. You donít have to take tea instead of coffee all the time. You donít have to eat vegetables and forget about meat. Vegetarianism is not healthy eating. Balance eating.

Precisely what do we mean by balance eating? Simple. For a certain amount of calorie heavy food that you eat, make sure to have some fruits or vegetables, which are rich in fibers and nutrients to balance the effect on your body. For every bite of cake you take, wash it off with your herbal tea. For every ounce of red meat, put in an ounce of protein-rich, low-fat poultry dishes.

Is there an exact ratio of the bad and good foods that one should take? There maybe many literatures on the Internet that will tell you about how to compute the calories vis-à-vis protein content of such products, but this could be tedious especially when you are confronted with real life eating events. So, how are you going to avoid the temptation of over eating? Are you going to deprive yourself? Obviously, you should not. Self-deprivation would only increase your craving. Remember the key, balance. Balance the proportions of the food. Do not take too much or too little of that food. Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger and your craving. And donít eat everything one at a time. Faze yourself. Talk to people around. Engage in an interesting conversation and then go back to your food once in awhile.

Now, that takes care of one of the detriments of trying to adapt a healthy eating habit. Most individuals really fail whenever they have to attend special functions, parties and other events. But what about at home? Well, this is easier done than the previous example. Cooking at home is where one should have no problem eating healthy. At home you have the option to use healthy cooking oil and spices. You are free to cook healthier food staples. Again, always remember that the key in healthy eating is BALANCE.

Balance your eating habits, your eating proportions and your eating preferences and you are on your way to a healthy and more productive years in your life.

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